Staff Association


UNEDA was formed by employees with disabilities in the year 2016. The association has a membership of over 50 persons. The main aim of the association is to bring together employees with disabilities at the University of Nairobi and advocate for their rights at their working place.  Following are UNEDAs objectives

  • To encourage members to develop their careers
  • To create awareness amongst Persons with disabilities and the University communitythat Persons with disabilities do not need sympathy but an opportunity to work.
  • To carry out research on Persons with disabilities for the purpose of improving and optimizing service delivery.
  • To Identify and lead on areas that affect staff with disabilities and to take initiatives aimed at ensuring continued growth   and development of the members.
  • To organize and conduct seminars and training on matters related to members.
  • To create a forum for Persons with disabilities to deliberate on issues affecting them at the work place

For one to qualify as a member she/he is required to be an employee of the University of Nairobi with a disability identity card issued by the National Council for Persons with Disabilities

Currently, the Chairperson of the UNEDA is Mr. Eliud Njau, (Students welfare authority Kikuyu Campus) The Secretary General is Miss Evelyn Anambo(Library -College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences) and Mr. George Ochieng is the Treasurer (Students welfare authority –Headquarters). This is an interim committee awaiting the annual general meeting where elections will be held.







UNEDA members attended a disability mainstreaming forum at the 680 hotel in September 2017 organized by Access to Government Tender Opportunities (AGPO).



UNEDA members attending a disability rights workshop at the University of Nairobi CCU



UNEDA recently carried out a facilities audit at the University. Above are some members assessing one of the washrooms meant for PWDs