Disability Mainstreaming


Disability mainstreaming is understood as a process of assessing and addressing the possible impact of any planned action on persons with disabilities. It is a way to promote inclusion and to address the barriers that exclude persons with disabilities from the equal enjoyment of their human rights.

University of Nairobi is committed to mainstream disability in the day to day operations of the university. To this end the university carries out the following activities to mainstream disability

  • Collection of disaggregated data on students and staff with disabilities
  • Implementation f 30 % Access to Government Procurement opportunities(AGPO)
  • To progressively ensure that at least 5% of the members of staff a persons with disabilities
  • Train all College Disability Mainstreaming Committees on principle of Disability mainstreaming
  • To sensitize staff on serve provision to PWDs

The University has established Disability Mainstreaming Committees in all the colleges and Central Administration to spear head Disability Mainstreaming activities.

Further the university is engaged in monitoring and evaluation of the progress made in disability mainstreaming and regularly prepares and submits quarterly reports to National Council for Persons with Disability (NCPWD).