University Wins Awards on Gender and Disability Mainstreaming

The efforts by the University of Nairobi towards gender and disability mainstreaming have been rewarded by Gender and Disability Development Centre. The University scooped two awards on Friday, Nov, 6, 2015 at the gala dinner at the Hilton Hotel.

The fourth gender and disability dinner was organized by Gender and Disability Development Centre to rewards organizations and corporations that have made great effort to make life easier for the disabled in the community.  The awards ceremony was dubbed “Diversity and Inclusion Awards.”

Speaking at the gala dinner, Prof. Peter Ngau, the Principal, College of Architecture and Engineering, who represented Prof. Henry Mutoro, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs, noted that the University has equal gender not only among the staff, but also among students. The disabled staff and students are taken care of. Buildings have ramps, lifts. University functions have a sign language translator. The University has reserved parking lots for the disabled persons as well. Disabled students at the University have a special vehicle to help them whenever they need to move.

Mr. Richard Nasongo, the Awards Convener, challenged those in attendance to consider for a moment how the disabled persons survive in the technologically advanced world of ipads, laptops. Due to the challenged the disabled persons face, the issues of gender and disability has been put on the Performance Contract.

Participants were urged to be sensitive to those disabled and be of assistance to them.

Ms. Josephta Mukobe, the Principal Secretary, State Department of Special Programs, who was the Chief Guest during the dinner, noted that everyone needs equal opportunity irrespective of gender. The disabled persons need the same opportunities like everyone else.

Quoting the various sections of the Constitution that deals with gender and disability issues, Ms. Mukobe noted that five percent of jobs should be for disabled persons. Youth, Women and Disabled Persons have  30% worth of government tenders reserved for them.

She urged the CEOs present during the event to consider men and women with disability for top levels of leadership positions. Ms. Mukobe called upon the CEO, Directors, to enforce the laws to ensure that disabled persons are not discriminated upon at the work place.

  1. E. James, Ongwae, the Governor, Kisii County noted that disabled persons are very brilliant and in his county, he has established loan schemes targeting women, youth and disabled. The revolving fund is Kshs. 30 Million. The money helps in funding their business ventures.

The University of Nairobi won two awards on Gender and Disability Mainstreaming in Academia.

Present during the gala dinner were : Ms. Jane Gatune from Recruitment and Training, Ms. Monica Mwakazi,  Ms. Roselyne Shihemi and Mr. Peter Oluoch from Performance Contract  Secretariat.

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